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Install today and get your data into Sheets in minutes. Struggling to understand the difference between analytics vs. reporting? Here is everything you need to know to harness to power of both. You won’t automatically get thousands of conversions (unless you know something that we don’t). As for the other metrics, there are two ways you can access them – both are very simple. The next screen will ask you to add the URL of the destination that should be considered a goal completion.

It helps you understand what is and isn’t working for your campaign. Landing page views help you understand which pages are driving the most traffic and which are underperforming. We’ll go into more detail about landing page views and how you can access them in one of the following headlines. Or, if you want to see the total number of views your landing page got for the specified date range, you can visualize it in a line chart.

Analyze performance for individual pages and blog posts

A new visit would be counted if the visitor returned to your website after the session ends. Is there an easy to way to see source/medium with landing page as a secondary dimension without creating a custom report? Before it was Landing Page Report literally three clicks to get to that, and now I can’t even figure out how to begin to do that without creating a custom report. I feel like all the data I’ve relied on with UA for so many years is so much harder to find in G4.

How do you analyze a landing page?

  1. Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the bread and butter of landing page analysis and optimization.
  2. SEMrush.
  3. HubSpot.
  4. Google Search Console.
  5. Call Tracking.
  6. Number of Visits.
  7. Conversion Rate.
  8. Bounce Rate.

The Landing Pages report in Google Analytics tells you which pages visitors see first when they land on your site—and whether those visits turn into clicks and conversions. Does GA4 not track landing pages as part of it’s page views? All I really want is the Universal GA Landing Pages report. The entire report shows data broken down by the primary dimension. Use the drop-down menu in the top left of the table to change the primary dimension to change how the data in the report is broken down.

Getting Started with Landing Page Analytics

Flexible Form BuilderQuickly gather information from visitors with custom online forms. Are there other GA4 reports you’d like to learn how to create? All your report collections are organized in the Library folder, where account administrators can customize the presentation of reports. I don’t particularly care to have a bar chart for this report, so I’m going to click the eye icon to the left of the Bar Chartto hide it from view.

  • Kayle Larkin has been designing search marketing campaigns since you had to be invited to Gmail.
  • Since the home page has no additional page information beyond your root domain () it just displays “/”.
  • Now, we’ve created a conversion rate report, with historical data, focused on the home page.
  • Let’s add the ‘Landing Page’ dimension, along with the metrics of ‘Users’, ‘Engagement Rate’, and ‘Average Engagement Time Per Session’.
  • Gauge interest and customer satisfaction by gathering feedback.

I can get you close, but unfortunately don’t think you’ll be able to get 100% of the way there directly within Google Analytics. If you go to the Landing Pages report, you can add a “Secondary Dimension” to the data that’s displayed. The UA landing pages report showed us acquisition, behavior, and conversion metrics organized by the landing page visitors used to enter the site. Product experience insights help you understand the user experience through your customer’s eyes, and help you develop user-centric digital marketing and product strategies.

What are top landing pages?

If you wish to track whether your users are coming from mobile devices or desktops, segmenting or filtering your data will allow you to create more successful retargeting campaigns. A bounce rate is an important metric because it gives you an idea of how attractive your landing page is to getting users to take an action . Previously, Krista was VP, product marketing and growth at Quantcast. Krista is a keynote speaker, practitioner, writer on Analytics and Optimization, and passionate supporter of #WomenInAnalytics. You can learn more about Krista and KS Digital over at KS Digital. The tutorial also includes filtering your exploration report to only view landing pages for particular marketing campaigns.

Landing Page Report

Depending on the complexity of your landing page, you might want to put your CTA button above the fold or below the fold . If you’re looking for custom-built solution –GetResponse MAXis the perfect choice for you. Get all the answers you need to perfect your landing page strategy with LandingPage’s heatmaps, scroll maps, and attention maps.

From home pages to Pricing or FAQ page, the only way to really know if your pages work better with your optimizations are A/B tests. Make sure you track your lead capture, click-through rate, and more. No Martin if your changes are just a color scheme, or new pain points, be sure to track your KPIs so you know the impact of the change and can adjust your landing pages in consequence. Dimensions Google Analytics 4Now, let’s remove the device category from ‘Columns’ and add the ‘Session’ metric . Click the plus sign next to metrics, find and enable the ‘Sessions metric’ and add it to your report. Every time we open our Analytics we have to repeat the steps above and in our Universal Analytics, this report was permanent.

Landing Page Report

Third, if you’ve enabled goal tracking, are visitors from the homepage ultimately going on to complete a goal? This can tell you if your homepage is ultimately helping you in the ways you hoped it would. Which pages are prompting your visitors to explore further? This data is essential for informing content strategy, prioritizing page optimization, or fine-tuning conversion-rate optimization efforts. #1 Why digital analytics is the key to online business success.

Sometimes the Google Analytics comparisons tools can limit your flexibility. Use exports to gain more control over how you work with your data. The second step is to create the report you need manually. The downside to working on this report in the interface is it limits what we can do with our data. I could gain more flexibility over this data by exporting it to an external spreadsheet again.

At least Views should have been deduplicated to get unique page views, which is a session scope metric. This metric counts one visit for all the page views in the session. One thing I want to say is that I see Google Analytics 4 as the future of data analytics in digital marketing.

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